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Necrobestiality/Enbilulugugal – Satan’s Poop (split album review)

Weekend has officially started, bitches!!! What’s better than to crank up some crazy fucked up noise stuff? Well, I have started with Britney Spears (seriously!) but even that kind of extreme music didn’t satisfied my urge to hear some more extreme output out there, and because I am currently going through discography of Enbilulugugal , my choice was clear. read more

3-Way Sickness (split CD review)

OK, today we’re going to look at a somewhat older release, namely a 2007 3-way split released by a co-operation of two Ukrainian labels, namely Imbecil Entertainment and Eclectic Productions, and presenting (you’ve guessed it) 3 bands – Ukrainian Fleshripper (now, unfortunately, split up), Polish Garroter (on hold currently) and Serbian band Mutilation (now under the name of Lithopedion). read more