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Anus Tumor/Nephrectomy/Gangrene Discharge (3-way CD split)4

What a surprise – and a pleasant one! I’ve encountered Nephrectomy and Gangrene Discharge previously, so I’d known what to expect, but – thanks to Samuele Lami from Eyes Of The Dead Productions – this was my first time I’ve been exposed to Anus Tumor and their offering, which, although not really goregrind, it’s perfect. read more

Gorepulpy talk with Michele (Red Pulp Cords)

Now, you might not encountered the name of this gentleman yet, but there are at least two reasons why: Yakisoba and Red Pulp Cords.
We haven’t spoken about Yakisoba in the Rubber Axe webzine (yet), and that will change soon, however yours truly did review Red Pulp Cords’ release “Collection of spores, molds and fungus” (released by Sialorrhoea Productions) not too long ago and it usually leads to me annoying the artist for sharing some thoughts. Therefore, without too much ado, let’s introduce our fellow gore maniac, Michele!
read more

Red Pulp Cords – Collection of spores, molds and fungus (a CDr review)

Gorenoise, obviously, won’t be to everyone’s taste, and it’s probably for the best. I, for one, find it interesting to explore and some stuff coming from the deepest sewers filled with the pathological waste and every malformation you can think of is just simply outstanding. And because I took it upon myself to bring to your consciousness the existence of as many releases as I humanly can (and that’s is debatable straight away, lol) I will go on with reviewing stuff I’ve bought from a new label in Italy called Sialorrhoea Production (and I’ve already reviewed two releases, Anemia’s “Congenital dyserythropoietic anemia” and “Extreme Demolition” by Concrete Eater), more precisely, their initial release output. So, witout any further delays, let’s see what’s on offer for today. read more

Anemia – Congenital dyserythropoietic anemia (CDr review)

When Stefano from Fetus Demersus / Corpus Luteum Cyst (check the review for other CxLxCx material here) has announced the creation of his own DIY gorenoise label Sialorrhoea Production along with first few releases, it – obviously – haven’t escaped my attention and it goes without saying I’d ordered those first releases for my collection and review purposes. read more

Cannibe 3 way split cover

Cannibe / Marasmo / Ripping Organs – 3 way split (CD review)

And now for something more melodic, amigos! Obviously, after a few HNW sessions everything with a riff will be melodic, but don’t let my intro confuse you – we’re in the goregrind territory, with the scene veteran Italians Cannibe, pornogrind Marasmo and grindcore project Ripping Organs. Yay! read more

Temple of the Thousand Lights movie poster

Temple of the Thousand Lights (a movie review)

When it comes to movies, many metal fans are – maybe naturally – gravitating towards horror genre (and gory ones in particular), but lately I’ve found the attempts to top a previous guy’s movie with just more outrageous gore simply boring. I like movies with funny stories, great camera and guys I can root for… and you might be surprised that I’d prefer a good adventure movie before horror or action ones. Of course, in my book this is not a rule set in stone ane exceptions exist. read more

Stroszek – A Break In the Day (digital download, 2011)

The beauty of discovering new music, that‘s how I can describe this release. Stroszek‘s „A Break In the Day“ is a beautiful, melancholic and haunting piece of art. An absolutely fantastic accoustic neofolk brought to life by Claudio Alcara, a member of Frostmoon Eclipse, originally released by Dipsomaniac Records in July 2011 as a digital download. read more

The illustration of Skull Dungeon netlabel

Skull Dungeon netlabel

(Note: this interview was done in the end of 2017).

Lorenzo Magni (Skull Dungeon label)From the bits and bytes (and megabytes and gigabytes….ok, you’ve got the picture) of the forgotten side of the World Wide Web hails this nice underground net-label, founded by my two good friends, Lorenzo (otherwise known as the singer of Septulchu and Enbilulugugal) and Izedis (founder of – surprise, surprise! – Enbilulugugal). And because friends support each other, I’ve decided to promote this collection of filthy, dirty, unlistenable sounds and noises to you, unexpected readers of Rubber Axe webzine.
Prepare to get dirty. Really, really dirty. You’ve been warned. read more