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Ov Scoville, noise and medical experiments (chatting with Zack Fogle)

Without a doubt, Zack is the man who is single-handedly responsible for starting my interest in gorenoise. Not that I haven’t been aware of the genre, just didn’t feel the urge or need to explore it to any extent. Everything changed, though, on that fateful summer day… read more

Norfolk Trotter – Paramoudra (CD review)

I won’t say I don’t know nothing about the many underground genres, in more than 20 years I have had the opportunity to learn a lot. Sure, I don’t listen to many niche genres regularly, but at least I try to have a little knowledge about them. read more

Black Sheet Servitude / Odour Sonour – Shadows Devouring Shadows (CD review)

I have this nice split CD in my possession for some time now, but it has eluded my proper attention, I guess one have to be in a mood to evaluate this stuff. We’re talking about power electronics, industrial noise, harsh noise wall stuff here – quite obviously a very niche genre you’re not gonna find playing on your mainstream radio station. read more