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Carbonized Innocents -Demo 2020 (digital release review)

The gorenoise/goregrind freaks across the ocean have joined hands and created this sick project! Michele Labratti from Italy (whom you might remember from a review of one of his projects called Red Pulp Cords and from the interview I did with him) and American born’n’bred gorefan Max Rivera (again, interviewed not so long ago here as well) have decided to join forces and do some serious damage to our eardrums. read more

1984 Dystopia EP cover

1984 – Dystopia (digital EP review)

Recently I’ve decided to delve deeper into the Indonesian underground. The reason is simple and I think it shouldn’t be a surprise. Indonesian extreme music scene is one hell of a source of fuckin’ sick bands! And during my quest I’ve come across this great death/black(ened) crust band from East Java (Indonesia) and their EP named “Dystopia”. read more

Pat McCauley from Lucifer D. Larynx and the Satanic Grind Dogs of Death

Interviewing Pat McCauley (Lucifer D. Larynx and the Satanic Grind Dogs of Death)

First of all, I have to say I am bit pissed off and sorry at the same time for discovering this Lucifer D. Larynx and the Satanic Grind Dogs of Death years after they’ve split up. As you could see from my short review of their only full-length from 2012 titled “Absolute Defilement”, those guys could grind with a gusto! read more

Moisturizer – Legibly Raw (digital release review)

At first I was afraid, I was petr…no, not that one. At first I was not sure what category or releases should I put this one, as obviously, by standard it’s not an album (although, can we attribute music industry’s standards to grindcore?), nor it’s labeled as some EP, but fuck it, it’s a new material from grind maniacs from Providence, called Moinsturizer. read more

Zombified Humanity – 6-way split (CD review)

The sun is shining (somewhat) and what better way to celebrate a weekend than to play some goregrind, right? Yep, and I can finally insert this nice 6-way split into the drive and enjoy some catchy tunes. It was long overdue anyway, I‘ve bought this split CD quite a long time ago. read more