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Piggy/Ejaculator Command – Moqueada Marrana en Vivo (split review)

Being open-minded and embracing all (or, to be more precise, almost all) genres does have its downside effect and sometimes I just want to shut off and just enjoy some simple audio brutality. Guess what, this 2018 split of two goregrind bands from Chile provides just what I needed. I guess this got to me right in time, because I was kinda lost in so many things… so this split is really like a fresh breeze of week old bile vomit. Goodies! read more

Pedofagia – Torturando La Infancia (CD review)

Another Chilean band in my drive, this time it‘s a brutal death metal act with a lovely name of Pedofagia and their debut album from 2015 (although also dated to 2014, so go figure) entitled „Torturando la Infancia“, with a fitting CD cover to go along the lyrical concepts of murderous pedophilia and serial killings of infants. Lovely. read more