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Jackhammer Sphincter Removal cover

Jackhammer Sphincter Removal – Malicious Barbaric Whore Slamming Fixation and Extermination (CDr review)

Sun is shining, the light autumn breeze is in the air..time for some goregrind/pornogrind tunes! I’m going with my gut instinct and just choose stuff for the cover art. Remember buying records/releases because they have a great artwork on the cover? Yeah, some were shit, but majority was true to the stuff depicted. So today I’m going with it. And what did I choose? read more

Purveyors Of Sonic Doom – Death Rides a Horse Called Doom (digital release review)

Oh yeah, oh yeah! That’s me having an aural orgasm now. While I am in no way much into doom metal musick (and never really was), I can appreciate nice grim tunes. So when I’ve got a hold of Canadian sorrow bringers Purveyors of Sonic Doom’s first EP (released and distributed via Bandcamp, but available also on tape), could I say no? Yep, I couldn’t. read more

Radioaktive Children – Vomit from Cosmos

There is a real beauty in browsing otherwise half-forgotten, half-remembered pages on the internet, as many times one can find nice stuff there, folks. One day, still in a post-apocalyptic mood after hearing Enbilulugugal‘s „The Day After“ release, I started to browse other selectons of Dipsomaniac Distilleries, Izedis‘ own netlabel and what did I find… read more