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Massive Gore Bulge / Cop stench split cover

MxGxBx / Cop Stench – split (digital release review)

Interesting split, this one. Max and his Massive Gore Bulge project (or MxGxBx for short, and you know I’ve interviewed him, right) got featured on not one, two…neither on three, but on 4 splits in less than a month! And while his splits with Leucodistrofia and Subhuman Scum still continue in a way of his beginnings in a pure gorenoise (referring to 2018 demo, of course), interestingly, with “Trapped in the Harsh Reality of Pain” release, and split with Septic Convulsion we’re getting more of a goregrind diet than gorenoise. Not that I would complain. read more

Water Bottle Bong / job4abrokeback / Zombie Raiders (digital 3-way split review)

During the conversation after finishing our video interview Ian Berling has mentioned the upcoming 3-way split which would feature his band Zombie Raiders. And to his surprise (and my delight), the material was already released just a day before! Talk about good timing! read more

1984 Dystopia EP cover

1984 – Dystopia (digital EP review)

Recently I’ve decided to delve deeper into the Indonesian underground. The reason is simple and I think it shouldn’t be a surprise. Indonesian extreme music scene is one hell of a source of fuckin’ sick bands! And during my quest I’ve come across this great death/black(ened) crust band from East Java (Indonesia) and their EP named “Dystopia”. read more

Embryonic Cyclocephaly – demo #1 (Bandcamp release)

Well, well, well..what do we have here! Just as my relatively successful day slowly comes to its end I’m getting a notification about the release of the “Demo #1” from another gorenoise project from prolific Spanish gorenoise connosieur Pol G., released by Pissfaced Fetus Production for your aural (dis)pleasure. read more

Moisturizer – Legibly Raw (digital release review)

At first I was afraid, I was petr…no, not that one. At first I was not sure what category or releases should I put this one, as obviously, by standard it’s not an album (although, can we attribute music industry’s standards to grindcore?), nor it’s labeled as some EP, but fuck it, it’s a new material from grind maniacs from Providence, called Moinsturizer. read more

Catastrofy – Besnota (album review)

Imagine that. I was unable to play metal musick today. Almost for the whole day, thanks to being unwell or something. So I’ve ended up browsing Bandcamp and what did I find! For some strange reason I was browsing stuff from Slovak Republic (that’s my home country, just to let you know), and I was surprised to find some terrific stuff! read more

Abortion Survivor – Back Alley Demo (demo review)

Although those of us who remember the days of using snail-mail to send and receive letters, flyers, printed zines, tapes and what have you, might long for those almost gone-by days, but the truth is, for us, reviewers, the digital age made it so much easier to deal with the bands and their releases. Obviously, you can hardly boast of your collection of digital files as some can with the physical releases, but I do review stuff to promote artists and to help them spread the word about their existence and their work. Just to let you know that we, in the Rubber Axe webzine, don‘t follow the attitude of some reviewers asking for physical releases only. read more

Luciferian Reign “Your Filthy Christ” (EP review)

The sample opening this recording outlines exactly what you are in for. “Your Filthy Christ” is the first song and I am reminded personally of two bands: Deicide and Baphomet. That doesn’t mean this band is influenced by them, it’s just what I’m hearing in my ears.
The lyrics are straight out of the Benton school of blasphemy.
I love anti-Christian music and lyrics. Not just because of personal feelings or beliefs, but because I revel in living in a society that accepts this kind of stuff. Freedom!
I’m waiting here patiently for a proper anti-Islam band, but not the shitty fake “Middle Eastern” bands the press said existed many years ago (remember that? Hahah!)
You know, anti-Hindu…or anti-Buddhist bands could also be really cool (can you imagine? I can…)
This first track surprises with a guitar solo that is tasteful and drumming that is extremely competent, but not the over-the-top insane garbage so many guys are going for these days.
The kind of rhythm on display with Luciferian Reign is the kind I like most.
People may call this “mid-tempo metal” – and write it off as just that – leaving the description there.
I can’t – this is heavy Rock and Roll and there is a distinct Illinois flavor to the riffing.
“We Kill at Night” continues in the same vein as the first song. I don’t mean that in a bad way – this band knows what it’s doing. If I turned my head away I would think Hypocrisy had recorded a brand new album with Masse. The solo in this song is definitely Rock and 80s metal. That’s a good thing, I’m not into the 90s style of “lead guitar.” I find it boring. Solid rocker, again. I like this kind of heavy metal. Had I heard this when I was 12, I’d be playing the band’s roadie at every chance, at every show, and writing them letters because I was a dork. I love the guitar solos and the “We Don’t Care” attitude of not going with the flow of what modern bands are supposed to be.
The last song “Lucifer Conqueror” soldiers on in the name of Satan – and in the unholy name of Heavy Metal.
There are little tinges of some Black Metal here and there throughout every song, but not too much. It’s old school death metal to my old ears (the real kind and not the brutal kind) and I’m glad guys are out there still flying the flag of Old Style Satanic Death.
I’m hearing a bit of Maiden and Priest in here, too. I can’t really pinpoint this as being completely Old Satanic Death Metal, because that tag usually comes with a vision of fucking boring ass garbage devoid of songwriting skills. To label this as such would be a disservice. I am giving this band my Preston Seal of Quality.
Make no mistake, this band is one of the better ones to come from Illinois in a long time. Musicians recording MUSIC with a message instead of the fucking untalented crap I am usually subjected to when I delve into bandcamp.
Luciferian Reign’s “Your Filthy Christ” is worth the $3.
https://luciferianreign.bandcamp.com/ read more