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One day in a very noisy life (with Jay Watson of Placenta Recordings)

One of many things I love in exploring and discovering new genres, labels and artists is the variety of opinions, the untapped reservoire of sounds, melodies and (dis)harmonies – not to mention absolutely fantastic approach of people to each other. The instant and constant cameraderie is a feeling to be felt and a real thing indeed. And that’s why here in the Rubber Axe we strive to give a shout to people who deserve the appreciation.
Today, dear folks, we had Jay Watson from Placenta Recordings here and we’ve had a blast time chatting. About what? Well, see for yourself… read more

Discovering Eunoia (interview with Jay)

That great feeling when you do a mistake in a review! Now, for those of you who don’t know what I am talking about – if you check my review for a nice little compilation by Klast Records – Tunes To Warm The Heart – you’ll notice I’ve had some stuff to say about Eunoia. My mistake? I’ve talked about their vocalist and I’ve thought I am hearing female!!! read more

Various Artists – Tunes To Warm The Heart (compilation review)

Look what we have received! An early access to this nice compilation from Klast Records, according to their own description “Raw Indie Punk Label”. It’s their debut compilation and due to be officially released on August 2nd (this year, so obviously, 2019, just in case you’re reading this review like 50 years later, you know). read more

Hatchie – Sugar & Spice (EP review)

Who would even dream in their feverish, nightmarish dreams I will end up listening to this release? But here I am, listening to Hatchie‘s debut release I‘ve found on Bandcamp. And boy, am I grateful I‘ve decided to go through some categories I don‘t usually frequent… read more