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Since I‘ve started to get interested into a serious movie watching and learning more about the this part of the culture, I’ve found a treasure of books, magazines, fanzines and what have you, that I’d ever been dreaming about. And being (still) also an avid book/mag/zine reader, it’s suited my needs perfectly.
One of the book I’ve never know about, but, luckily, I know now, is an amazing, almost 1200 pages long, publication called
Video SPINEGRINDER: The Movies Most Critics Won’t Write About, by Clive Davies, published hy Headpress, in – I hope I am correct – 2015. Stated RRP is £23.99, but I think I’ve bought it in some sale, so it’d set me back by quite less. Can’t complain and I am sure I will never be.

Now, one might wonder – why the hell to reviews 6-year old book? FOlks, such a stupid question!!! This book kills! KILLS!!! Seriously, it’s not called Spinegrinder for no reason. OK, I am kidding. But only a bit. The tome is heavy enough to be able to cause some nice bodily injury.

But it also kills in other way – it’s full of short and little longer reviews of movies. Well, what’s the deal, you might wonder…we know about such books right? Yes, we do, but imagine how many short reviews (and we’re talking about here)…random page = 8 let’s remember, the reviews took more than 1000 pages and you’ll start to comprehend the magnitute of this book.

Yes, Clive Davies does know how to write book, aspecially when you talk about some really obscure Asian (especially Japanese) b-movie / exploitation cinema. And why deny it – we want that, right?

I don’t want to rumble and mumble on about how brilliant this book is. If you are a serious collector/movie lover, you either already have this mammooth – or you should be ordering one right now!

So, tell me – what are you waiting for?


Rudolf Schütz

A father to two little perpetuum mobiles called kids, Rudolf is a main force behind The Rubber Axe webzine, a bookworm, musick lover and a movie fan - not to mention his virgin forays into the comics and board/card games.

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