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Horrendous Forms of Human Ruination (5-way split CD review)

Today is a day of very very pleasant news to me,so what’s better way to celebrate than to treat myself with ahealthy dose of audio-brutality, right? And as the main course I’vechosen this nice 5-way split CD from 2015, released through RottenMusic. read more

Interview with Brian and John from Necrotomy

As you might remember (well, at least those of you who’ve read my review), I’ve really liked material from those Texans. And in what has become a nice tradition for the Rubber Axe webzine, what was the chance I wouldn’t want to find out more about the brutalizers behind that great stuff? Thanks to Brian and John, we have an unique opportunity to learn about some of the definers of the death/grind genre…So, ladies and gentlemen, here comes Necrotomy! read more

Altar – Dark Domains

End of 1980s, beginning of 1990s. Sweden, Europe. I guess there were many different ways to express your musical soul. One could probably join ABBA tribute band in a local pub, be a roadie for Joey Tempest or Roxette, or dream of founding Ace of Base…or you could be a fucking death metal musician, ladies and gentlemen! read more