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Interview with Jimmy Lundmark (Altar)

Those of you reading my webzine Rubber Axe might be aware of my fondness for old (but timeless, I have to say) stuff, be it music, books or movies. And – by any chance –  if you’ve read my review of Altar’s “Dark Domains” CD, it should be no surprise I have reached out to Jimmy Lundmark, the former guitarist of this mighty Swedish OSDM band, to ask him about times past… read more

Altar – Dark Domains

End of 1980s, beginning of 1990s. Sweden, Europe. I guess there were many different ways to express your musical soul. One could probably join ABBA tribute band in a local pub, be a roadie for Joey Tempest or Roxette, or dream of founding Ace of Base…or you could be a fucking death metal musician, ladies and gentlemen! read more