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Seven have gone and seven are to go

New year, new promises, new changes. We all know the drill. I’ve not been happy with the website for a while, but I’ve tried not to mind it and just concentrate on writing. But the bug has been awaken and you know what it means.

Obviously, the most important factor in this decision is the time. Everyone wants to make the most of it, and I am not an exception. The life is not just time spent in a front of various types of screen. Also, I want to devote my time to better my writing (which, I am sure, pretty sucks, comparing to those peers of mine I follow and admire, you know who you are).

And as you know, it’s not just writing. In the crowded information mega-highway, one needs to take care of many other things to deliver the quality wanted. So, slowing down a little might be a slogan for 2021 for the Rubber Axe. Not set in stone, though, so watch this space.

In the meantime, continuing with my small appreciation for the labels/distros and bands, I’m trying to show my support with little orders here and there and reviewing their releases to promote their work.

As I’ve mentioned it in the reviews of their stuff, my latest order came from Akné Productions based in Slovakia, my home country. It was really a pleasure to deal with Wayne and you might want to check reviews of the older compilation The Underwold…and the Hell Is Here and 5-way split with Pathogen, Trepanación, Death Invoker, Bloodcut and Anguish, which were released by this little underground label.

Also, although I am no way capable to cover everyone important’s birthdays, I am pleased I am actually capable to do that from time to time. Beautiful and talented Ewige Fenech really deserve every mention and to celebrate with her I’ve chosen to review her very early flick Samoa, regina della giungla.

Neither I am forgetting a psychedelic rock / country legend Country Joe and I’ve brought to you a review of one of his older albums – an oldie, but definitely a goldie.

And that’s just a few things added in these last 7 days with more to come. Stay tuned, folks.

Rudolf Schütz

A father to two little perpetuum mobiles called kids, Rudolf is a main force behind The Rubber Axe webzine, a bookworm, musick lover and a movie fan - not to mention his virgin forays into the comics and board/card games.

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