Insufferable – The Tightening Grip (album review)

Yeah, they have new material out! OK, it’s not a full-length in a traditional sense (you know, 21:05 minutes or so for a long play), but this is noise-grind, baby, we’re not following trends and old beaten paths here!

It’s not even 8 minutes long (7:57), but fuck me, it’s catchy! 11 songs total, from one-second long “Pressure” to 1:37 long “The Cost of Survival”.

I like it much more than their previous stuff, songs are nicely structured, nothing chaotic here, which is a plus, kinda old school grindcore, if you will.

Paradoxically, the shorter songs are – in my opinion – much better, personal favorites of mine are “Ingrid”, aforementioned “Pressure” and “Stigma”.

All said and done, if you like grindcore little noisier, you definitely need to check these Scottish gentlemen.

Check them out:

Rudolf Schütz

A father to two little perpetuum mobiles called kids, Rudolf is a main force behind The Rubber Axe webzine, a bookworm, musick lover and a movie fan - not to mention his virgin forays into the comics and board/card games.

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