Healing power of gore (conversation with Alex Fawdry)

The fact many don’t realize is that making art – and make no mistake, gorenoise is art, no doubt about it – has at least one quality we all should consider. The inner healing of ourselves. But I am pretty sure quite a few of our readers know thing or two about it themselves.
For today, I’d like to introduce to our readers this young gorenoise artist from Bournemouth, UK. Please, welcome Alex Fawdry.

Hello, Alex and thanks for your time talking to me. Can you introduce yourself to our readers?
My name is Alex Fawdry. I’m a 22 year old metalhead with a diagnosis of high functioning autism and have had mental health issues in the past. I’ve been interested in metal music when I 13 years old (this was when I knew about it). I was born on the Isle of Wight, but I’m currently living in Bournemouth.
I’ve been making underground music since I was 15 years old and I’m still doing so to this day.

Well, I know something about mental issues myself…how did you get into extreme music? Any band or record responsible?
At school, I was certainly a loner most of the time and I had much time to discover new things. The first extreme metal band I got into is Cannibal Corpse (which was at the age of 13). The first release I got from this band was their debut full length called ‘Eaten Back To Life’. I became more and more interested in extreme metal and I started discovering more unknown metal bands (Artery Eruption, Digested Flesh and Aborted Fetus are just a few examples).

Man, that was quite unexpected! Back then CC would be too extreme for me, lol… What did get you interested in extreme metal?
When I was younger and still now (not as strong as when I was younger though), I had a lot of emotion issues. I got aggressive quite a lot and I have many issues with society. To me, metal music is very interesting to discover bands within the different sub genres and the music itself makes me feel better. My personal favourite sub genres of metal are death metal, brutal death metal, depressive black metal. There’s so much I can say, but I could be going on for quite a while.

When did you start to think about getting also active musically?
I was 15 if I can remember correctly. I started off with a instrumental thrash metal (Black Tree) project with a friend of mine. I did drums on a electronic kit and my friend did guitar. It was very raw sounding and experimental thrash metal we made. It was also made when I was suffering from depression. Then I formed my first solo project (Perverted Mental Disorder), which was gorenoise. Once again, I used my electronic drum kit and I did vocals (I used a pitch shifter on a recording software called Audacity).

Anal Cake – Toilet Noise

Audacity, yes, I use it also, but for recording podcasts for friends of mine…from metal to gorenoise, thats quite a giant leap. How did you discover noise and, especially, gorenoise?
I first found out about gorenoise through goregrind (as you’re probably aware, gorenoise has quite a lot of influences from goregrind). I came across a underground German label and distributer who had noise releases on his label and from other labels (or self released). The first gorenoise release I ever listened to is ‘Toilet Noise’ by a gorenoise artist from Mexico called ‘Anal Cake’. This is self released on CD-R.
And from there I discovered more and more about gorenoise and more gorenoise artists.

Yeah, quite similar path as mine, only a few years before me 🙂 so, as of now, what projects are you involved with?
I have many underground projects. My active solo projects at the moment are:

– XXX (harsh noise wall)
– Dismembered And Beheaded Fuck Corpse (gorenoise)
– XXX Vomit Fetish (cyber pornogrind)
– Pain (dark ambient)
– Cunt Mutilator (brutal horrorcore)

As for my currently active projects with others, they are:

– Congenital Rancidity (slamming brutal death metal)
– Cranium Smashed In With Semen Inside (gorenoise)
– Severe Tampon Discharge (Pornogrind)
– Machete Fucktoy Necrophiliacs (brutal horrorcore)

I’ve got many other projects (both solo and with others) that I really want to go back to (Infected Bowels, Perverted Mental Disorder and Cerebral Decomposition are a few examples).

Wow! How the hell do u find time to do all that stuff? Also, how do u remember all the names of projects? 🙂
I’ve been working on both music and noise since I was 15 and I’ve never released much under any of my projects. I also spend most of my time by myself (I’m not the type of person who goes to parties, goes out regularly to the pub to have a drink, or someone who goes out to see friends very regularly, because most of my friends are not close to where I’m currently living), so I have a lot of time on my hands. Like I said before, I have had a lot of emotion issues when I was younger and still do now (not as much now though), so I’ve been working a lot on coping with these feelings (listening to metal, spending time with animals, talking to my friends and playing video games are a few examples of things that help me). Also, I’m doing a lot of work experience at the moment.
The names of all my solo projects I can remember are:

– XXX Mutilation
– Illusions
– Happiness Through Suicide
– Destroyed
– Power From Bravery
– Shredded Torso
– Ripped Apart Infected Corpses
– The Corpse Of A Raped Slut

And the projects I’ve previously mentioned. I also remember many many other projects I’m in with others.

Cool! This may be a difficult question to answer, but still…which project of yours would you consider the most personal, the closest to your heart, so to speak…and why?
That’s quite a difficult question to answer, because all my projects mean a lot to me, but I will try. I would have said that ‘Pain’ is the project closest to my heart, because I made a track called ‘Melancholy’ not long before I was placed in a mental institution at the age of 17, because I was suffering from severe depression at this point.

Ah, really sorry to hear that, mate… Now, what material are you working on now? Anything scheduled for release in near future?
I’m going to start working on a 50 untitled tracks gorenoise release using my project ‘Infected Bowels’. I need to get a new distortion pedal for my bass and another computer as I currently don’t have one at this moment of time. I also have work experience (like I said before) and that takes up a lot of my time, but there’s no question that I will be making more music and noise in the future!

Do you plan to release it on your own or through some label?
I’ll probably be having it released on a label. Regurgitated Stoma Stew Productions is a example of a great label to have it released on. I deeply admire what Bobby from this label does and also how many projects he has!

Yeah, Bobby is definitely the man! Now, to close this great conversation of ours, what would be your message to our readers?
I want to thank you a lot for offering me for a interview and to everyone else who supports my music and noise and to those to help me through difficult times. I also want to thank everyone reading this interview. And last, but not least, keep supporting the underground!

Many thanks, Alex, for your time!!! Really appreciated! All the best!

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