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Venomed – Removal (CD review)

My mood for the Indonesian extreme metal still reigns strong, and as you know, there are literally hundreds of band waiting to be discovered! So I’ve decided to have a look at my CD collection to see something to satisfy my musical urges – and the random perusal of my modest collection has resulted in having this nice little album in my player. read more

Blessing of Disease – Indonesian Slamming Fatality, volume 1 (compilation review)

I don’t need to tell you that I like many things from Asia – movies and TV series from Korea, Japan, Thailand, Phillipines, Kpop, visual kei, and last, but definitely not least, the Asian metal. And what’s best from Indonesia? Well, you’ve already guessed it – brutal death metal and brutal slamming death metal. So for tonight I chose this interesting compilation with Indonesian BDM and BSDM artists from 2011. read more

Maximize Bestiality – Extraterrestrial Skolexomorphic Infestation (CD review)

As usual, I was totally unaware of this band and their album…so what? I’ve been immediately sold. The cover art of the CD is amazing and as a fan of extraterrestrial themes, what’s not to like here, right? read more

Horrendous Forms of Human Ruination (5-way split CD review)

Today is a day of very very pleasant news to me,so what’s better way to celebrate than to treat myself with ahealthy dose of audio-brutality, right? And as the main course I’vechosen this nice 5-way split CD from 2015, released through RottenMusic. read more

Incivility Regurgitated – Origin of Macabre Extermination (CD review)

Pig squeel time!!! I did have the opportunity to listen to this nice album before, but it took me some time to actually buy the copy, sit down and and start prepare this review. Well, I guess one has to be in a proper mood, eh? read more

3-Way Sickness (split CD review)

OK, today we’re going to look at a somewhat older release, namely a 2007 3-way split released by a co-operation of two Ukrainian labels, namely Imbecil Entertainment and Eclectic Productions, and presenting (you’ve guessed it) 3 bands – Ukrainian Fleshripper (now, unfortunately, split up), Polish Garroter (on hold currently) and Serbian band Mutilation (now under the name of Lithopedion). read more