Black noise

Enbilulugugal – We Hope You Fvkken Hate It (album review)

I kid you not – I haven’t been so anxiously expecting an album since Nightwish’s “Dark Passion Play”. I know,…

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Snuff King – Moomins Make Me Happy (3.5″ floppy disc release)

Yeah, you read that right! This stuff was released on a fucking 3.5” floppy disc? You know what the floppy…

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Chernobog – Nuclear Bloodbath (EP review)

As it was mentioned already (I guess), Enbilulugugal went through a short-lived name change back in the 2001, when it…

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Necrobestiality/Enbilulugugal – Satan’s Poop (split album review)

Weekend has officially started, bitches!!! What’s better than to crank up some crazy fucked up noise stuff? Well, I have…

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Enbilulugugal – Goatsodomy (demo 2000 review)

Dear God, no!!!! Not another Enbilulugugal review! Unfortunately, yes, your worst nightmare came true and we’re jumping headlong into the…

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Enbilulugugal – Satanic Killing Of Christ in the Pagan Forest on Fullmoon Night (demo review)

Ah, Enbilulugugal! We haven’t reviewed anything from prolific Izedis for a while, right? Last time it was his split (as…

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