Black Metal

Thurthul – Heritage & Blood (EP review)

Thurthul is a one-man black metal project (All instruments and Vocals by Grief) that comes off a lot better than…

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Satanic Prophecy – Azoth (album review)

Occasionally I stumble across a diamond in the rough when perusing the delight of all hoarders: the janky warehouse of…

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Dödsmarsch – Skandinavian Black Metal Alliance (EP review)

Dödsmarsch is a band. I know what you’re thinking reading this. As my friend Yoder once said when I started…

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Tjolgtjar – Five Tjolgtjarian Keys (album review)

No promotion can beat a self-promotion, and although – of course – I am in no way responsible for any…

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Hrafnskald – The Means of Barbarity (album review)

This is the debut album from Illinois based black metal act Hrafnskald. Hrafnskald is a solo act that used to…

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TrollfasthearT – “What?! An Old Pot For All?!” (CD/album review)

Trollfastheart is Black Troll Metal from Spain. A man – or troll – named Kadgar is the sole member of…

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Eternal Fortress – Enchanted Woods of Sorrow (digital release review)

Hell, when was the last time I’ve listened to some black metal? Seriously, I can’t remember. Seeing as I have…

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Noose – Demo 2017 (demo review)

Many, many moons ago I played in a band with a guy who calls himself “The Jury.” This guy is…

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