Month: May 2019


Talking past and future with Billy Nocera (Razorback Records)

I‘ve got to know the name of Billy Nocera a very very long time ago, when, believe it or not,…

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Alligator (a movie review)

You might remember me talking (actually writing) about the time I haven’t had the access to movies. Yep, VHS players…

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Sunset Cove (movie review)

The beauty of one’s discovering previously not even fathomed cinema and its gems brings a great urge to go and…

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UK’s Electronic-Pop Band EMPATHY TEST Announce The Release of EMPTY-HANDED EP.

May 23, 2019 – UK Electronic-Pop band EMPATHY TEST is pleased to announce the release of their limited edition EP,…

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Atmospheric Black Metal

Blutfeld – Kingdom of Mine (EP review)

Well, after a little unplanned break, which took longer than I’d like, Rubber Axe is back and what’s better than…

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TV Series

Warehouse 13 (TV series review)

I love good TV series. That’s a fact. Unfortunately, with many of those I was too often late to the…

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Old Whiskey Funeral – Bury Me in Leather (album review)

When I’ve received the digital promo of Old Whiskey Funeral latest album from Jacek , I’d been told to expect…

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Jazz Fusion

Inside Group – One and Zero (CD review)

Not that long ago I’ve received this nice digipack from my friend Peci Uher, the main person behind this band/project.…

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Melancholia – Veli (single review)

Steven from this San Antonio, TX band has dropped us a message with their latest single “Veli” for a review,…

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House Guest (movie review)

House Guest, a.k.a. House Guest Massacre is one of those independent little or no budget movies floating around, especially in…

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